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In case anyone ever happens to end up here on this website now or in the near future:
We are inactive.

All leaders and troops are retired.

Really it’s just a good source of nostalgia and good memories to come back every so often, but I might be the only one. Good times, through a 5 year run. Ah, well maybe only 2 or 3 of real activity but eh, I digress. I’ve matured a lot since my Club Penguin Army days and actually cringe at what I’ve posted here, but it’s good to come back and glance at either way. I hope all who come here can appreciate what went on. It is pretty sad thinking how dead this website it, but at least it happens to still be up! I’m rambling at this point so I’ll end it now, but I just want to say one thing:


If anyone still has email notifications set for new posts or just stumbles upon this site, I thank you for the good times.


Zigbop A.K.A. UrASmurf, oymbmp, etc. 




RIP CPBA I had good times here. Though I do not think it matters anymore…


I would hate to see all our hard work of making this army go to waste. I want someone to restart it. I would but i have quit CP if u restart i will check in once in a while thnx leave a comment with ur name cp army experience and an email to make admin

A hurtful goodbye

Bye everyone i know theres nobody reading this mostly because its privated by waddles, but anyway thanks for everything check out the ranks page for the great soldiers and a last little note at the bottom. Bye!

Oh and waddles…about the site being  in private….Not a good idea, No one can see what we have accomplished…

Waddles0: long time no see also I just wanted to say any1 can restart the army If u want

Happy to see a post?

Hey if your excited while reading this, in knowing there may be another re active chance for this army, well its possible but this post is soley so that this site doesnt close because, in some cases ive seen wordpress blogs just closed because they are not of use…Well id like to see this sight, and magnificent peice of history, and the old blog kept open to anyone who would like to see a bit of it, as this army started back in 2008, with Waddles0 in lead, checkmatter, GameD, and slipperdiper close by, i myself joined a month after it started and quickly got to master general and general(high mod ranks). Waddles took a liking to me, and i remember being the only one at a scheduled battle or recruiting party…id like to just say, Job Well Done! even if you have quit this army or are no longer active, Job…Well…Done…. This is all i have to say, maybe ill be back sometime, Thanks for having me! i know i was taken off the active ranks and put as a retired leader legend, thanks waddles! i guess it is kinda sad that this army is now not active. I remember it at its peak…before this newer site, with 17 active!!! Well Bye everyone i may be back sometime you dont have to reemember me, just dont forget meh 🙂

Exciting News!

Hey guys I have very exciting news. We ranked 3rd in CPA Central’s Small Army Top 10. If you don’t believe me check here: http://cpacentral.wordpress.com/2010/09/19/post-to-be-finished-on-sunday-small-army-top-ten-of-the-week-180910/.

This is what they said about us: 

3.Builders Army of Club Penguin https://cpbuildersarmy.wordpress.com

(No Recent Pictures Available)

The Builders Army of Club Penguin are new to the CPA Central Small Army Top Ten and have go straight to the number 3 spot. The Builders Army of Club Penguin have not posted on their site since September 13th but they have got around 6 active comments of their recent active count.


Guys we got to get more active so we will be having a training session soon. I will be posted the info real soon keep up the good work.


Soda got a promo

Im so happy to anouce that im a owner rank in cpba and i want to thank waddles and all u soldeirs out there to get a higher rank. Some day i hope to lead this army omg omg i cant beleive it

My edit color is:pink

am i the first girl to be a owner in cpba?